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10 January 05: Buttercup Festival is a comic strip I produced under the pseudonym Elliott G. Garbauskas for nearly five years, bringing it to an end in January 2005. Its first two years were spent only in the pages of The Massachusetts Daily Collegian, the student newspaper of UMass Amherst. This website was created in January 02, and the comic went on to be published in another six periodicals, from South Carolina to Sweden. Books and shirts were printed and sold. My on-line readership reached around 1200 regulars and many more comers-and-goers, and was still climbing when I chose to retire the comic, a choice made out of a need to devote more time to other creative projects. The archive remains here as it was, free to browse and enjoy. An excellent article has been penned (not by me) for Wikipedia.org for anyone needing an introduction.

Green Evening Stories was a sort of narrative spin-off series, illustrated in color at a plodding pace. There will be no further updates of this, and the story will remain untold until I decide to rework it as a text-heavy storybook years from now. Honestly, it would have taken 20 years, at least, to finish at the rate I was going. I loved doing all those landscapes and forest watercolors, but the story is much too large for such a style of telling.

I hope you find whatever pleasure you can within the BF and GES archives. Thanks for reading.