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I'm finding these blobby hilltop watercolors a relaxing pastime.

Gardening sheds in Ackworth.

Sketching a woman selling ice-cream in Decatur.

Another Decatur doodle.

And these are from some laundromat sketching in Atlanta
while I waited for my laundry to launder.

A few sketches from a Christmas in-law trip to Devon.

Quick crayon and marker doodle I couldn't bring myself to throw out.

Mt. Zion, an island in the Quabbin. I brought watercolor pencils but forgot a brush,
so I had to use my fingertips, which I dipped into the lake.
These five sketch photos are from a summer visit back to Massachusetts.

Mt. Pomeroy, also in the Quabbin. When the Swfit River was dammed to create the reservoir
these mountains became islands.

My daughter napping under a hat.

A black walnut tree in my parents' back yard.

A quick portrait-sketch of my daughter
to see if I can still draw more than just trees.

With my daughter's cheap play watercolors.

Late evening, house is alseep, unwind by drawing the garden.

Drawing is a great way to pass the time, waiting for my kid
to wake up from her nap.